WEEKLY UPDATE 04-26-2021

Environmental justice and protection of our environment are two key components of the opposition to the proposed 1200 acre mega landfill in Cumberland County, VA. Environmental justice is discussed by all agencies – local, state and national. If you listen to any of the meetings of the Virginia Air Control Board, the Virginia Water Control … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 04-26-2021

WEEKLY UPDATE 04-19-2021

This past week was interesting to say the least. The big news is a letter dated April 8, 2021 sent to Green Ridge by DEQ stating the technical and regulatory compliance review of the Part A application for the proposed mega landfill was found to be “technically inadequate.” The letter is five (5) pages long. … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 04-19-2021

WEEKLY UPDATE 04-12-2021

This was the scene along route 60 west in Powhatan County about 6:30 a.m. Friday, April 9th. A County Waste (who owns Green Ridge and is owned by GFL out of Canada) trash truck caught on fire. Fortunately, an employee smelled something burning and called 911. He was advised to pull off the road and … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 04-12-2021

WEEKLY UPDATE 04-05-2021

Farmville Herald Poll Still Open The Farmville Herald is taking a poll on the following question: “Do you support the Green Ridge landfill being placed in Cumberland County?” You can still cast your vote. Just put “Farmville Herald” in your browser and then click on the link to the newspaper. About midway down on the … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 04-05-2021

WEEKLY UPDATE 03-29-2021

CCLA April Meeting Notice Good news!! The Governor’s revised COVID 19 restrictions on March 23, 2021, increasing the number of people permitted at indoor gatherings to 50. Our CCLA meeting attendance falls into this category. So we are pleased to announce that our April Community Townhall meeting will be held as an in-person meeting or … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 03-29-2021


Happy Spring – the birds are chirping, the grass is starting to turn green, and thoughts of activities for warmer weather are taking shape. It is also a reminder that we are fast approaching our fourth (4th) year of opposing the Green Ridge proposed mega landfill. Green Ridge and their affiliates recently sent out at … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE O3-22-2021

Selection Opportunity

Trudy Berry, a strong supporter of environmental issues and a fighter against the proposed landfill, is running for the Delegate position for Cumberland and other counties in the upcoming election. She requested we post the following for her. Hi. This is Trudy Berry. I am still collecting signatures to get my name on the ballot. … Continue reading Selection Opportunity

WEEKLY UPDATE 03-15-2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Summary of Community Townhall Meeting CCLA held the March Community Townhall meeting virtually yesterday, Sunday, March 14, 2021. It was well attended considering it was a virtual meeting and such a beautiful day. Delegate Lee Ware was the guest speaker and he provided us with a lot of information and pointers. … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 03-15-2021