WEEKLY UPDATE 02-22-2021

We still have residents in Virginia who are still without power – this is the beginning of the third week for them without power. Please keep them in your thoughts. General Assembly Update The 2021 General Assembly is still in session as of today. Senator Hashmi still has at least two bills which are still … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 02-22-2021


Hope everyone survived the ice storm – that you have power and did not suffer any damage. General Assembly Update The 2021 General Assembly Session is now in a 15-day special session. The delegates continue to review the senate bills and the senate continues to review the delegates bills. So there is still time for … Continue reading WEEKLKY UPDATE 02-15-2021

WEEKLY UPDATE 02-08-2021

The past seven days were busy what with the General Assembly in session and trying to stay up-to-date on various bills. This General Assembly session has been very unusual to say the very least. First it is virtual to include all the committee hearings and no in-person meetings. CCLA owes Senator Hashmi a lot more … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 02-08-2021


Senate bills 1186, 1200, and 1319 were heard by the Senate Ag Committee this morning at 8 a.m. The Committee hearing is done.  Senator Hashmi did an excellent job but unfortunately Green Ridge got to the Senators and they approached it as related to Cumberland County instead of statewide.  Eurika Tyree & Brian Stanley, Cumberland … Continue reading SENATE BILLS STATUS

WEEKLY UPDATE 02-01-2021

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow – it was beautiful!! The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword The last several posts concerned the 2021 General Assembly Session and the need to write and/or call your senators and delegates to seek support for environment bills such as Senate bills -3019, 1200, and 1186. This is still so … Continue reading WEEKLY UPDATE 02-01-2021

URGENT REQUEST – 1-30-2021

2021 General Assembly Bills The General Assembly continues it 2021 session and we are asking for your help in contacting your legislators expressing your support of these bills. The Senate Agriculture , Conservation and Natural Resource Committee was scheduled to hear these bills last Tuesday but it was postponed until this coming Tuesday, Feburary 2, … Continue reading URGENT REQUEST – 1-30-2021