Why Us? Why Here? Part II

Previously, we reviewed why Cumberland County was targeted. Basically, we matched a profile of an “Easy Victim”. Now we want to explain more about the trash company’s strategy, their emotional/psychological tactics and their “Sales Pitch”. Trash Company’s Strategy… “Industry trade journals stress the importance of quiet, advance “scouting” of locations to size up factors as … Continue reading Why Us? Why Here? Part II

“…when citizen action drives enforcement of

…environmental regulations, polluting facilities are no longer profitable and they get shut down.” Now that the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors have approved the rezoning, conditional use permit, and ratified the host agreement with County Waste…it is up to US the citizens. Next steps for County Waste is to submit their “Letter of Intent” to … Continue reading “…when citizen action drives enforcement of

Day 4 – Host Agreement

VERY disappointed but not surprised at all. The Board voted 3 to 2 for approval…I’m honestly speechless at the lack of back bone in the room and appalled at the property “protection” clause, Exhibit C. Market value and $15,000. However, the fight to stop the landfill is not over! It has just begun! Details around … Continue reading Day 4 – Host Agreement

Weekly Update

This past week has been a bit crazy…would you agree? Whew – whirlwind. Let’s do a quick rundown… July 22nd, Sunday – we had our first Cumberland County Landfill Awareness Community Meeting and WOW! What a turn out! People from Cumberland, Goochland, Powhatan, and Henrico were present.  The final count was 124 people that signed … Continue reading Weekly Update